Danish Horse Holstenske

This is the third regiment of Danish horse I have completed, Holstenske.


That’s what I’m talking about!  Red facings against the buff coats really look good.  I’m happy they look pretty good in pictures too.  I think I have something going on red facings.  You’ll see something very red on my painting distractions blog very soon I hope.


I’d also like to call your attention to an excellent website detailing uniforms of Danish regiments during the WSS era: http://www.tacitus.nu/karoliner/armeer/danmark/kavalleri.htm

It looks like the next regiment I am working on, Wurttemberg, should be depicted with green facings.  I have 3 figures done with black facings but I had no idea what to use really, so they’ll be green when you see them, hopefully not too far in the future.

One last shot of Holstenske




3 thoughts on “Danish Horse Holstenske

  1. Just found your blog by random google, it’s a great looking blog, Do you have any good resources for dutch regiments both horse and aspecaly infantry?

  2. Thanks, I’m normaly to cheap to pay for my uniform resources but mabye I should do an exception here, and mabye I should spring for His cd on the french infantry to. Thanks again, and great blog. look forward to seeing new posts.

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