Baudissin Dragoons

Honestly I don’t know what I was thinking when I painted up this unit of dragoons.  They are from Holstein-Gottorp and there was no way I was ever going to get a commercial flag for them.  But I have a Robert Hall plate from which I was able to scan an image of the flag, process it, and produce a paper flag for these guys.  So here they are.


Four squadrons – 24 figures.  The all blue coat is really gorgeous, especially seated on the red saddle cloth with white trim.  And there are those flags.  A closer view of one of the flags:


It came out alright I guess.  It scanned in a little lighter than is in the plate but that seems fine.  Front Rank figures as usual.


Dutch Flags

WSS is heating up for me again.  I saw a posting by Aly Morrison on LAF about how he had scanned a Robert Hall plate, put the image in photoshop and created a flag out of it.  I don’t have photoshop and was thinking about getting it.  But I decided to see whether I could grab an image from one of my Robert Hall ebooks before I plunked down the money for photoshop.  I dropped the image into powerpoint and then realized I could mirror it, position it, and create a flag from it.  Woohoo!  Now, all those Dutch flags that no one makes but are in Robert Hall’s book, I can put on my units.

Here are two units I’ve had painted forever but no flags for.  The first is Nassau Woudenberg:


This had to be one of the first units I painted.  I used a gray that is much darker than I use now.  Not sure they had grays that were that dark, but when I first started out I did not have good knowledge.  But lat least they have flags now and the flags came out alright.

Another unit is Deelen:


Both of these units participated in the attack on the village of Ramillies.  Front Rank figures.

I played two games with these figures over the holiday break.  My friend Allan and I played Ga Pa.  With three other friends I tried Die Fighting.  Die Fighting is an interesting game concept and it gives me a way to get my WSS figs on the table.  I should have taken some pictures.

I have painted another pair of units which I’ll post here soon.  And I’ve added flags to some units and will post them also.



You remember that thing I posted about painter’s block, about, um, 5 years ago????

I’ve finally finished Gondrin:


I had finished four figures on the command stand – the standard bearers and drummers, and the rest of the figures were sitting primed on painting bottles on my desk.  For 5 years.  Wow.  I’ve recently taken to finishing up long-started, long-unfinished projects on my desk.  This was one of them.


It’s funny how you get away from something and forget how much you enjoy it.  I’ve come back to two long forgotten things recently – painting Front Rank WSS figures and painting Calpe Napoleonics.  You can read about the latter shortly on my painting distractions blog.  These are such a joy to paint.


Interestingly, this is the one period where I don’t have tons of unpainted lead.  I have the rest of the Danish foot for Ramillies, and a few cavalry and that’s it.  I pulled out a unit of Danish cav that I have started and will finish those soon.  Now all I have to do is get these lads out for a game.

Here is both battalions of Gondrin.


Danish Horse Holstenske

This is the third regiment of Danish horse I have completed, Holstenske.


That’s what I’m talking about!  Red facings against the buff coats really look good.  I’m happy they look pretty good in pictures too.  I think I have something going on red facings.  You’ll see something very red on my painting distractions blog very soon I hope.


I’d also like to call your attention to an excellent website detailing uniforms of Danish regiments during the WSS era:

It looks like the next regiment I am working on, Wurttemberg, should be depicted with green facings.  I have 3 figures done with black facings but I had no idea what to use really, so they’ll be green when you see them, hopefully not too far in the future.

One last shot of Holstenske



2nd Jyske

Another one of my almost finished Danish horse units.


Buff is a pretty good color to put all of these facings against I think.  This one doesn’t stand out much in picture or on the table, but it still looks pretty good.  I was a little surprised after I got the pictures up of the previous unit how much the purple screams out from a photo as it’s really not that dramatic in real life.  There is so much to learn about photography.


I have one more almost completed unit to post up, then I need to almost complete the other unit I’ve started.  How I wish someone would make flags for these guys.


I love Front Rank horses.  I love these figs all around actually.  The nice head variants add a lot.  I really like the standing pose also.  Ready for action I guess.


Danish Horse

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated the blog.  That reflects it being far too long since I’ve given this project any attention.  Well, I’m working through my backlog of half started things and the Danish horse have come to my attention.  Here is a new regiment:


It’s the 2nd Sjaellandske.  Also listed in some OBATs as Ranzau.  I like the purple facings, although I thought they might be a little more dramatic than they are.


The Danes fielded 8 regiments of horse at Ramillies, and 1 of dragoons.  Each regiment had two squadrons.  This is my third.


I thought I’d posted pictures of the others I have complete, but I don’t, so I’ll correct that in the next few days, giving me reasons to update this blog some more.  And “complete” is a bit of a misnomer for them as I don’t have flags for them.  I thought I had figured out a method to produce my own but have stumbled at that.  Soon perhaps.

I have a 4th regiment on the painting blocks so maybe it will be added to the forces soon also.