Order of Battle and what to paint

I have a couple of sources for the order of battle at Ramillies.  One is Neil Litton’s Ramillies from Partizan Press (available in the States at On Military Matters).  For the French Litton uses the Pelet and Vault order of battle from 15 May 1706 supplemented with a couple of other named regiments, presumably derived from the Dutch army history.  I’d really like to be able to get my hands on the Dutch army history but haven’t found a reliable way to do that so far.

There is a good online order of battle for the French put into a very nice and readable table form here: http://www.spanishsuccession.nl/maps/ramillies_french_oob_infantry.html.

I’ve taken the version from Litten and created a spreadsheet that I use tracking the units that I’ve painted.  I have a spreadsheet for the Allies and for the French.  I’m fairly confident in the French one based on Pelet and Vault.  Where I have uncertainties, I just postpone the painting until later.  For French infantry I’ve started on the French infantry on the right end of the first line, skipping over the Cologne and Bavarian troops there.  So I’ve done Picardie, Clare, Royal Italien, and am working on Gondrin now.  I guess I’ll do Alsace next.  I did Sparre from the other end of the line as I thought I’d do a mixed brigade of French and Spanish but am holding off on Spanish troops for the time being.  I guess I’ll do Alsace next.

One of the cool things about having it in spreadsheet form is that each time I get a unit done I shade the box containing it green.  It’s nice to see those boxes turn green.  But at the same time, it’s a little rough to do something like Alsace as I know I have to paint 4 battalions before I shade the box green!

There are three basic prereqs to deciding what units actually to do: 1) do I know what the uniform looked like?  (this is mostly easy because of the Robert Hall books)  2) are there appropriate figures for it?  (the French are pretty well served by Front Rank although I haven’t quite decided what to do about Bavarians and Spanish)  3) can I get my hands on commercial flags (typically does GMB make them).

But right now, before I think about what’s next for the French, I need to finish that other battalion of Gondrin.