Ga Pa game report (part 1)

We started a Ga Pa game last week.  I took the French (as always) and rolled up a cadre of wonderful commanders: Villeroy, Boufflers, d’Artagnan, and, of course, the prince to command it all, Louis, duc de Bourgogne.   The Dutch had Overkirk in overall command and 3 competent subs.  We had invaded but the Dutch attacked.  I ended up with a town in the middle with a hedge-lined field just to its right, an orchard on the far right flank and a plowed field on the far left.  I don’t have a good ability to take pictures during a game (unsteady hands) but we had to break after turn 5 so I have some pics taken with the tripod at that point in time.

My opponent has steady hands, and a nice phone.  Here is a picture of the French cav reeling:


I placed all my cav on the right flank under Villeroy.  It consists of Toulouse (here in front) and Royal Etranger (each 3 squadrons strong and trained), together with Courcillon and Tarente (each 2 squadrons strong and green).  With only Dutch foot in front they chose not to go rushing ahead on turn 1.  But the one Dutch heavy battery opened up on Toulouse and did some serious damage including killing Villeroy who happened to be attached to Toulouse and found himself carelessly in the way of a 12lb shot.  On the rest of the field the two lines advanced but not much else happened.

On turn 2, with the cav uncommanded, it reeled back during its uncontrolled movement and every regiment became disordered!  Any French cav activity will just have to wait.

I used some dismounted dragoons to defend the field next to the town.  The idea being they would just slow up the Dutch while my attack with the infantry developed on the other side of town.  You can see them lining the hedge here:


Now with the two veteran battalions of Orange Friesland bearing down on them, they probably aren’t going to cause much of a delay.  That battery found itself in front of Pallandt:


It did some damage to Pallandt as they advanced but the shooting from the Dutch line made short work of the otherwise unsupported gunners.  (It would have been nice to have some cav up to slow down the Dutch foot a little at least.  Maybe later.)

On the other side of the field the two lines closed and began firing at each other, with no immediate dramatic effects, but causing a lot of smoke to develop.  Here’s a close-up of the Dutch dragoon regiment Dopf advancing (I have a source for flags for them, thanks LoA, but don’t have them yet):


And here is the French infantry moving forward.  This is the main place where I intend to attack.  The force consists of the 3 battalions of Picardie, Veterans, one of the vieux regiments, supported by Royal Italien who are green, and 2 battalions of Sparre, a trained French regiment descending from Swedes who came over to the French in the previous war.  Here they all are:


They are shooting and driving back the Dopf dragoons and beginning to engage some Danish foot just out of the shot.  By turn 5, smoke was thick, issuing commands was difficult, but Boufflers continued to push the French forward.

But merde!  The Dutch had the initiative and sent the Danish foot to close with 1/Picardie.  Both units are disordered and Picardie should have the best of it being veteran.  But what’s this?  Picardie breaks and see them here running back through the 2nd battalion!


We hope to finish the game later this week.  Hopefully the French cavalry will be able to contribute.  I had forgotten that I took AdCs as my special advantage and it was a couple of turns before Villeroy was replaced.  Now with a regular general they should be able to move forward and get something done.  The French infantry should be fine.  Although it was a setback to lose the 1st battalion of Picardie, they may rally and the rest of the infantry should make short work of the Dutch.