Danish Horse

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated the blog.  That reflects it being far too long since I’ve given this project any attention.  Well, I’m working through my backlog of half started things and the Danish horse have come to my attention.  Here is a new regiment:


It’s the 2nd Sjaellandske.  Also listed in some OBATs as Ranzau.  I like the purple facings, although I thought they might be a little more dramatic than they are.


The Danes fielded 8 regiments of horse at Ramillies, and 1 of dragoons.  Each regiment had two squadrons.  This is my third.


I thought I’d posted pictures of the others I have complete, but I don’t, so I’ll correct that in the next few days, giving me reasons to update this blog some more.  And “complete” is a bit of a misnomer for them as I don’t have flags for them.  I thought I had figured out a method to produce my own but have stumbled at that.  Soon perhaps.

I have a 4th regiment on the painting blocks so maybe it will be added to the forces soon also.



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