2nd of Gondrin and painter’s block

2nd Battalion of the Regiment Gondrin.


These have been painted for some time.  This week I went through a spurt of completing bases on stuff and these were some of the bases that I completed.

But I get painter’s block sometimes.  I think I know why I have it for this unit.  It’s the gray coats with the gray cuffs.  That is really tedious to paint.  It’s three coats of paint but each of the coats need to be handled rather carefully.  First, so that the paint doesn’t get globbed up on the figure.  Getting the consistency right is key and for grays and whites a lot of care is needed.  Second, to get a good look for the overall color.  It’s too easy to have either too much base coat or too much white.  Finally, painting around the buttons.  I do this all the time and on dark coats it’s really easy but for white coats you need to run up close but not paint over the button or its outline.


I’m well on my way with the first battalion and now seeing the second complete, I may have renewed motivation.  I love white with red and the red coat on the officer and red hose for everyone really sets this unit off.

Do you ever get painter’s block for a unit?  What causes it?  What helps you get through?


As usual, figures by Front Rank, flags by GMB.


3 thoughts on “2nd of Gondrin and painter’s block

  1. I too get painters block. Sometimes for me it is just the idea of sitting down and doing the work, it’s as though I hate the thought of starting but once I do start painting then it is hard for me to stop. I try to push through the block but some days I just need that mental break.

  2. I get it too, just have to take a break and do something else. Reading about the period helps sometimes as well as looking at pics of excellently painted figures like yours.

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