There’s Nothing Like a Dane!

With deepest apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein, of course….

I have some Danes already and thought this would be the year of completing my Danish continent for Ramillies.  Haven’t done much on that.  I have a couple of cuirassier regiments in progress but did manage to knock off these two generals:



The above chap is supposed to be someone called Schwerzel.  I wish I had more info on him.  According to the order of battle I’m working from, he was a brigadier commanding three battalions: the 1st of Prinz Karl (coincidentally also referred to as Schwerzel), Fynske, and the Wurttemberg Oels foot.  If anyone knows anything more about him, I’d love to learn.

The following chap is supposed to represent someone called Donep.



Donep in my order of battle was commanding a couple of Danish battalions in his brigade: the 2nd battalion of Prinz Karl, and the 1st battalion of Sjaellandske (coincidentally also called Donep).   Again, any additional info on this chap would be much appreciated.

Speaking of the Danish regiment Prinz Karl with 2 battalions at Ramillies, I have them painted also.  Sadly I don’t have flags for them, although I think I may have a way to produce them fairly easily soon.


And with a couple of close-ups.



The Danish contingent at Ramillies would be a nice bit to complete and I had hoped to do that this year.  It’s till possible I could do most of it.  It consists of 7 battalions of foot.  You can see two of them are complete, except for the flags.  There are also 16 squadrons of cuirassiers.  I have 4 done and 4 under construction.  So completing 5 more battalions of foot and 8 more squadrons of cuirassiers is very doable.  The only problem is that there are 5 squadrons of dragoons that I’m not sure what to do about.  They have double-breasted coats and FR doesn’t make figures for them.  I wouldn’t really expect that.  I’m wondering whether to just paint up regular dragoons or try to kit-bash them into something with double-breasted coats.  The latter doesn’t sound like fun to me.


8 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like a Dane!

  1. Nice work!!!!
    A bit of info on Mr Donop, from my post

    Moritz Melchior von Donop was the son of a landed gentleman in Westphalia. He became a page of Queen Sophia Amelia of Denmark, Christian V’s mother, in 1666 and later entered the Danish army. He came to Ireland as Colonel commanding the 2nd regt of Cavalry and was killed in the trenches during the second siege of Limerick on 26th August 1691. I believe that the regt was then placed under the command of the Prince of Wuttemburg.

  2. Thanks.

    And thanks for the tip on Donop. But, I don’t see the connection. That guy died in 1691 and the guy leading the brigade at Ramillies was doing so in 1706. No doubt a relative. Or, should I really be looking for WSS Zombie generals? (There’s probably a game franchise in that thought….)

  3. There was a Danish Johann Bernhard Schwertzel who was colonel of two infantry regiments 1-1700-1704 and another from 1708-14, which leaves a gap for Ramillies, not sure what he was doing then.
    Another Dane – Fr. Ph. Donop who was colonel of a Danish regiment 1704-11 I think this is him (regiment 1.Seeland) but don’t know what the abbreviations stand for.

    no more details at the moment sorry

  4. My other notes say he was colonel 1704-09 and was brigadier Johann Bernhard Schwertzel, Schwartzel or Schwartsel at Ramillies – so he seems certain now

    I’ll look for Donop/Donep

  5. ok I have a colonel Philip von Donep (1711 Brigadier) commander of the 1st btn Sjælandske (Zeeland) Regiment of foot.

    Brigadier Johan Bernhard von Schwärtzel was colonel of the 1st btn Prins Carl Regiment (Generalmajor in 1708)

    I’m sure you will find their biographies in the Dansk biografisk lexikon, hope that helps

  6. Lovely work as usual. Are you doing the cuirassiers wearing the breastplates or not? There was an interesting discussion about them on the leagueofaugsburg website and it seems only two regiments wore them prior to 1709 if I recall correctly.

    • Thanks, Simon.

      Yes, I’m putting them all in breastplates. I saw the comment asserting that only 2 wore breastplates before then, but don’t know the source of that. The article Dan Schorr had on his website just says they were in transition between 1701 and 1709.

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