Dopf Dragoons on their horses now!

It took me a little while to find time to add the flags to the mounted stands, but here they are:


The Dopf dragoons were 4 squadrons strong at Ramillies.  Now I have them both mounted and dismounted.  I’m not sure I’ll do dismounts for all the dragoons that were present.  I guess that would be an ideal.  On the French side I have all the dismounts for the squadrons that counterrattacked towards Taviers (and none of the mounted versions – but hopefully I’ll rectify that soon).

Here’s a picture that shows the Quindia/League of Augsburg flag better.  It’s always interesting what photography does to the appearance of things.   The photo shows way more contrast in the flag than there actually appears to be when looking at it normally.  Clarence of Quindia is producing some really nice flags.  My next units of Dutch cav will all be done around the flags he has available already.


The photo also shows up pretty well the hazards of being careless with varnish.  You can see the varnish residue on the hat of one of the riders.  Happens when you put it on too thick.  I hate that.  And I think I’m pretty careful in putting it on, but still sometimes I find I’ve got some artefacts like that.  I’ll touch that up with a little black paint next time I have the figures out.


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