Dopff dragoons


I was very happy to get an envelope in the mail today with the flags I need to finish the Dopff dragoons.  Quindia studios and the League of Augsburg have teamed up to make flags for the Nine Years War and a bunch of other conflicts around the same time.  One of the flags is the flag for the Dopff dragoons.  I’ve had these painted for awhile and now have added flags to the dismounted guys, pictured above.  It’s a nice flag, don’t you think?  Quick turnaround time on the order also, nicely done.

You’ve seen the mounted guys in a couple of Ga Pa battle reports, without flags.  As soon as I get the flags assembled and glued in I’ll picture them here as well.  Here’s a little better view of the flag.


And another closeup of the troopers.


The Dopff dragoons were in the first Dutch cavalry line at Ramillies, on the extreme left of their deployment.  I was a little disappointed to discover in the new book by Robert Hall on the Dutch army that the documented uniform of the Dopff dragoons in 1696 was blue with red linings.  The next documentation is from 1718 where they are referred to as the red dragoons.  I painted them based on Hall’s earlier plate in the Ramillies series.  Let’s hope they were in red by 1706, ok?

Here’s a view from behind them, where you can see the spurs.



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