WSS Dutch IR Pallandt

This unit has been “finished” for quite a long time, but it’s still not finished until I get a suitable flag for it.


Gray with yellow facings is a striking uniform.  I’m not sure I would use such a dark gray if I were to do it again – it’s not that dark in the Robert Hall plate.  But when I started it I had a source that made me think it was a darker gray.

One downside of doing Dutch is the need to paint the mitre plates on the grenadiers.  These came out ok.


But I have to admit that after I photographed these the first time I had to go back and touch up the eyes.  Photographs are very revealing aren’t they!  And I’m very obsessive I guess.  I changed these from blue eyes to black and cleaned up around the eyes.  You can still see the blue eyes popping out from the other guy in the back rank on the stand with the grenadiers.  I’ve decided not to use blue for eyes anymore.  They look fine on figures, but really pop out when you photograph them.

Hopefully one of my preferred flag makers will make a flag for these guys soon.


5 thoughts on “WSS Dutch IR Pallandt

  1. You’ve done a great job. I like how the dark gray and the yellow contrast each other, while the white stockings don’t blend into the darker gray. I’ve used a dark gray on that period French and I find it looks very nice.

    Keep up the good work! If you’re feeling uncertain about grenadier caps, you can always make decals of them and stick them on.

      • Several companies make laser and inkjet decal paper. If you have access to a graphics program and a color printer, you can create decals of the proper mitre design, scaled to the size of the figure. Then all you need to to is cut them out and put them in place. With 25mm it won’t do for the metaled face of SYW Prussian and Russian mitre caps, but it’s excellent for the cloth ones worn by western Europeans.

  2. Another fine looking regiment, great paint job. I like the grey and yellow colour scheme too.

    Maverick Models do the flags for this regiment, as well as a number of other Dutch regiments,
    Best wishes,

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