Orange Friesland

I’ll put up pictures of some of my Dutch regiments starting with Orange Friesland.


Above is a close up of the command stand of the first battalion.  I have quite a few Dutch regiments done, but the flag situation for the Dutch is a bit sad.  The flags on this unit are from Adolfo Ramos.  They are very nice flags, but he only does flags for 4 regiments: Orange Fries, Slangenberg, and another that isn’t in my order of battle.  I really wish he’d do at least the flag for Salisch, as OF, Slangenberg, and Salisch were brigaded together and assaulted the towns along the river on the left flank of the Allied line creating a crisis for the French in that part of the field.

Here are the two battalions of Orange Friesland side-by-side.


They were absolutely the first figures I painted for WSS way back when, I’m pretty sure preceding even Picardie for the French.  Front Rank does not make Dutch figures with button hole lace so I tried painting it on myself.  I don’t think it turned out that great.  But there weren’t many figures in the Dutch army with button hole lace, so I’m not holding my breath that FR will ever make such.

I quite like the combination of dark blue with red facings.  It’s a nice easy combination to paint.


You may notice from the photo of the 2nd battalion above that I give the Dutch regiments 4 stands and from the banner at the top of the blog that I give the French regiments 3.  I do that because the Dutch with fewer ranks in their formation would be wider.  But I only model each unit 2 ranks deep regardless.  I like the looks of the modellers’ units when they have chosen to depict them with more ranks, but I’m not up to doing the painting for that.  I’ll do a posting with more about unit frontages and impact for modelling and gaming in another post.

I think I’ll be getting in a game next week.  I can’t wait.



3 thoughts on “Orange Friesland

  1. I continue to find this blog inspirational. I have very recently started work on my own French army for this period. I painted very little over the past decade and never in this timeframe – so have yet to get back up to a decent enough standard. Seeing your neat work helps me to keep going.

    Best to you


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