Regiment Royal Cravattes


Royal Cravattes was deployed on the left of the center at Ramillies.  This finishes up the French horse that I have painted for now.  Royal Cravattes consists of 3 squadrons and that brings my total of French horse to 13 squadrons.  I have lead for another couple of squadrons and intend to paint up Rosen with that lead.  They were brigaded with Royal Cravattes at Ramillies.  Then I’ll start on the line cav of the second line – lots of white with red facings.  Tedious to paint probably but I bet it will look nice all lined up.

Here are a couple more shots.



I’d hoped to finish my summary of Ga Pa but I haven’t quite finished that.  Hopefully in the next few days.  So I final shot of all three squadrons together.


Figures by Front Rank, flags by GMB Designs.


5 thoughts on “Regiment Royal Cravattes

    • Hi,

      I’ll have to do a separate post about organizing units for Ga Pa. It’s pretty flexible and I like that because I’m basing my units on making miniature units look good for than anything else.

      In general, each unit has a frontage in increments of 50 paces.


  1. Hi Again,

    Were any of the Spanish foot at Ramillies ‘Walloom Guards’?

    Do you think the book by Caliver Press is a good buy for this battle? Does it have OOBs?

    Best Wishes


    • Hi Theo,

      no, I don’t think any of the Spanish foot at Ramillies are Walloon Guards. I’m using the OBAT from Lytton’s book on Ramillies. That is in turn based on returns from Villeroi’s army a few days before the battle.


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