WSS Dutch Slangenberg


This is my most recently completed Dutch regiment – Slangenberg.  I’m very pleased with it mostly because there is a nice flag available for it.  Figures are by Front Rank as usual, flag is by Adolfo Ramos.

I’m basing the Dutch units wider because of their typical 3 rank formation.  So whereas the French and other units that used a deeper formation will get 3 base widths (18 figures given the way I’m basing things), the Dutch will get 4 base widths.  For figures like this in firing poses it allows me to do a few less figures per unit by having the two active grenadiers on the end.

I wish there were more high quality Dutch flags available.  Ramos only makes flags for 3 units (I so wish he would do a flag for Salisch to go with these and Orange-Friesland).  Warfare Miniatures is releasing some flags that will be suitable for Dutch but they are really oriented towards a decade earlier so there are some changes.  GMB doesn’t do flags for the Dutch which is really sad.  But you can see from the close-ups below that the Adolfo Ramos flags are really very nice.

There are a lot of GMB flags from the Seven Years War French range that work for this period.  You have to be a little bit careful because some flags changed between the periods, but many of them are suitable.

I just received some flags from Warfare and hope to get some units painted up soon to display those.  They are quite nice also.  I’ve put links for all of these folks under the supplier listing.  I should also mention Flags of War.  He has some flags that are suitable and was nice enough to knock off some custom flags for me.  You’ve seen one already on the Regiment Toulouse in a previous post.  Very nice indeed.

Here are a couple of close-ups:



They are that striking grey/white with red again and it looks good.  Salisch has the same combo.  They would look really great side-by-side I think.  I have the lead, hopefully I can get a nice flag for them.


7 thoughts on “WSS Dutch Slangenberg

  1. Hello from Australia! I followed the links from Barry’s LoA “Fighting Talk”. Great looking units, congratulations. I can thoroughly recommend the flags by Stuart at Maverick Models . He has a range of Dutch flags, and if you have more references that you would like to get drawn up, Stuart is usually very willing to oblige. He is doing some great work at present on SYW flags, but has done Dutch subsidiary regiments of Heidebrecht & Hirzel for me & Austrian regiment Brandenburg- Bayreuth. Best wishes, Rohan.

  2. I’m another follower from the League of Augsburg forums. I like how you’ve got the grey/white to work and the red to pop. I used to think the off-white/red or off-white blue repeated and repeated was boring, but you do make it look good.

    Will you share what colors you use for the grey/white?

    • Sure.

      I use Coat d’arms mid gray as a base, then a midcoat of Foundry Austrian White A that covers it almost entirely. After that, I use Foundry Austrian White B or C depending on whether I want grayer or whiter. On the French cav it’s C, on the Dutch infantry it’s B. You can see the difference if they are somewhat near each other.

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