Great blogs

What makes for a great blog?  I guess that’s pretty hard to say, but there are a couple of things that stand out to me.  I don’t really aspire to have a great blog, but I’d like to have one that folks appreciate and get something out of.

One blog in particular has inspired me to do one of my own, and that’s Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege blog (  I found it many years ago when I was spending a lot of time on Napoleonics.  We are both big fans of Calpe Miniatures and were focusing on gaming the 1813 campaigns.  What makes his blog great?  A few things keep me going back – unique insights, useful information, great eye candy, regular updates.  Martin has unique insight through his knowledge of what is going on at Calpe.  He handles the Calpe website and has regular contact with Peter.  So periodically he will provide insights or rumors about what is happening at Calpe.  The site provides useful information.  Whether it’s painting techniques, photography techniques (I need help there), or reviews of figures or paints, there is useful and interesting info there.  There’s regular updates which is important.  One doesn’t need to post that often to keep me interested if the info is useful, but if a blog regularly goes for long periods without anything new, I just stop checking.  And Martin is a great painter so there is great eye candy to inspire one.  Another great blog like that closer to the period is the rampjaar blog (http:  It’s created by a guy in the Netherlands with a lot of unique information based on local research mostly in Dutch.  But he posts in Dutch and English so it’s very accessible.

I hope I can provide eye candy and regular post, and perhaps some interesting stuff about rules and gamings, we’ll see.  Befreiungskriege has a great layout too with lots of useful links to other interesting things.  I’ve started doing the same here today adding links for suppliers and interesting blogs.  I went through a bunch of different templates to find one I really liked here (and for free).  This one is ok.  I wish the comments appeared under the heading for the post, but I can’t seem to find that along with customizable menus on the side, so you’ll have to scroll to the end of posts to see folks comments.  I’m sorry about that.  I’ll keep checking templates and perhaps will find another one.

This theme features a header picture.  Perhaps they all allow that, but it’s kind of apparent here.  It started out with a river as default, but I decided to put in another of my units.  This is the 1st battalions of Picardie.   I pictured another one earlier I believe with a pic of the three battalions together.  They fought in and around the village of Ramillies at the battle.


One thought on “Great blogs

  1. Thanks Phil – almost too many nice things said about my little blog. I’m delighted to have been, in part, inspiration for you. Your point about regular updates is well made. I’d emphasise that there’s a difference between regular and frequent. Trying to do the latter is, in my experience, a recipe for failure and frustration. I try to post when I’ve got something worthwhile to say or share rather than because I think I ought to fill the silence. Sometimes that means I’ll do several postings in one week, sometimes it means I’ll write nothing for several weeks. As long as you keep up a trickle, people seem more than happy to wait because they know it’ll be worth it.

    My biggest single piece of blogging advice is to remember who you’re doing it for and why. Primarily, I write my blog for me as a record of my hobby activities. Being honest with myself about this seems to have struck a chord with like-minded people all around the world and I’m lucky enough to have made many “virtual” friends that way.

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