Royal Etranger


And now for some cavalry.  This is the first squadron of the regiment Royal Etranger.  It was present at Ramillies on the right flank, a little behind the first line in support.  It was composed of 3 squadrons and brigaded with the Regiment Toulouse.

I guess I could also call this the premier regiment OCD.  To answer my question from the first blog, yes, I will go back and touch up figures after I photograph them and see obvious flaws.  I did that with this regiment.  This was the first cav regiment I painted.  Looking closely at it to touch up some of those flaws, I was experimenting with flesh colors back then so my current flesh pallette doesn’t quite work.  I picked up a little around the eyes, but not too much, and only using the deepest shade.  And I finished painting the bases.  I thought I had painted the edges of all the bases – how I usually do it – but the photo pointed out that wasn’t done.  So I cleaned that up too.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.   Again figures by Front Rank and flags by GMB Designs.

A couple more shots of the 1st squadron, followed by the full regiment.





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