Royal Italien


I’ve always been fond of the Royal Italien regiment.  I like the brown coats with the red facings.  It’s not very dramatic, colorwise, I guess, but it seems to be a nice combination.  This regiment had 1 battalion at the Battle of Ramillies and fought around the town of Ramillies with the regiments Picardie, Clare, and Gondrin.  Those 4 regiments will provide a nice core for my army and they are almost all complete now.  There is another regiment at Ramillies in brown and red, the regiment Provence.  Hopefully I’ll get to them this year also.  Those brown coats are easy to paint and quite forgiving.  Here are a few more pics.



The figures are Front Rank, flags by GMB.


5 thoughts on “Royal Italien

  1. Very nice looking regiment, I’m planning to do the Royal Italien regiment myself. It is possible that the regiment Provence may have changed to grey coats with red cuffs and waistcoat by the WSS but the evidence isn’t clear either way,
    Best wishes,

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