Bring out your dead


We use casualty bases in many of our games locally.  Often they just show where a lot of carnage has been wreaked.  Although the particular rules we’re using for WSS just now don’t really call for tracking casualties, there might come a time when we need to do this.  I use the casualties mostly as a way to test paint schemes for units I want to paint, but there are other uses for these bases.

I asked Rich of George Bases to come up with a way to base a casualty and carry dice on the field as counters for number of dead.  If you have a system that tracks casualties closely you need some kind of roster to track the dead, or some way to mark them on the field.  Putting dice next to the units is fine, but invariably someone grabs one of the dice and rolls it for a result, or it gets knocked about when a unit is moved.  With a dice holder like this, it’s unlikely for either of those things to happen.


This allows you to carry around two d6 allowing you to count up to 36 casualties (remember your base 6 math?) And here’s the casualty base with the dice actually being carried.


If you’d like to get some casualty bases like this for yourself, you probably can by contacting Rich at Games Plus Hobbies in Mt Prospect (  If you need some assistance you can drop me a note.  My contact info is in the About section.

Finally a pic of the casualty behind it’s unit.  It’s the 2nd battalion of Sparre.


And the front of the same unit.



6 thoughts on “Bring out your dead

  1. Great idea regarding casualty tracking. Well executed. Ian Croxall/Enfilade!/Blenheim; I remember that game. In fact, I still might have some photos from the game. That was one great looking game table.

    • Sure, thanks for your comments. Just to be clear, I wasn’t at the Blenheim game, I was at the Ramillies game, and I don’t think pics from the Ramillies game are still up anywhere. Great games, and Enfilade! is a great con. Hope I can get back there someday.

      • That is unfortunate news about the Ramillies pics – (not trying to blow my own trumpet too many times however) there are two pics on my blog from the Ramillies game. Most of the pics I took that day turned out very poorly, no matter the subject.

  2. Great idea and I am most certainly stealing it, Fantastic craftsmanship throughout BTW – but that goes without saying! Cheers.

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