A New Blog for an Old Project


I’ve been working on the War of Spanish Succession for some time and plan to continue working on it.  This blog will document what’s been done and new stuff that gets done.  A picture is in order of course.  This may be one of the first units I painted for this and it would have been done in around 2006.  It’s the 3rd battalion of the French regiment Picardie.

Perhaps 1st unit I painted for WSS?

Perhaps 1st unit I painted for WSS?

I started painting figures for this period to contribute to a Ramillies game in the Pacific Northwest put on by Ian Croxall.  He used to have pictures of that game online but I don’t think they are there anymore.  You can find some pictures of the Blenheim game he hosted in 2004 from a link on his Warflag site (www.warflag.com).  That game was a pinnacle gaming experience for me.  It motivated me to continue with the period.  I painted off and on over the years since then but got serious about it again last year.

I’ve taken pictures of a lot of my units and will be uploading them here.  One thing I realized though is with good light and digital photography I see the figures better than when I painted them.  When this happens, do you go back and touch up the spots where you notice you’ve made a mistake?  I guess it could be an unending cycle of upgrading to do that!

I’ll go ahead and insert a picture also of the full regiment Picardie.  All three battalions.  I’ll see what I can do about close-ups later.

All 3 battalions of Picardie

All 3 battalions of Picardie

Hopefully I’ll be posting regularly.


3 thoughts on “A New Blog for an Old Project

  1. I played in the Blenheim game (apparently with you) at Enfilade. I was in overall command of the allied left flank. Do you live in WA?

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